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Taking about best Torrenting sites 2016, there are lots of websites that you might find useful depending upon the content that you are looking to download. But, lets give you a brief on how torrenting works if you are curious about that.

Note:We don’t support the illegal download of copyright Software, applications or other kinds of media files. We are against piracy and the sole purpose of this blog post is to provide our users some information about the websites that are already live and used by thousands of people all around the world.[/box]

Torrenting is basically downloading a file from the internet, but the main difference is that there is not a fixed server that the file is stored on. Actually, when a user downloads a file using a torrent file and the client he is also actually uploading/seeding the same file. So, whenever another user with the same torrent file starts the download, he is actually connected to the group of computers downloading and uploading the same file from all over the world. And this group of computers is called a swap.

Actually, the torrent file that you download has a trackers list and when you load that torrent file into your torrent client, it connects your computer to the network of the same trackers list or the torrent file. And then all the users share the file with each other so, the download speed depends on the number of users downloading the file and the number of users actually sharing the file.

So, that’s an overview of how torrenting works. Now lets look at the best torrenting sites of 2016.

Best Torrenting Sites 2016 : Top 5

1. Thepiratebay
Thepiratebay is one of the oldest torrenting website if out time. Founded in September 13, 2003 the founders of this website were found guilty of various copyright claims and still are. But the website still has not been completely gone down and is accessible at

All you need to do is go to their website’s homepage, select the type of document you are looking for and enter the search keyword and download the torrent file and finally use a bittorrent client to download the actual file.

The website might not have a professional design, but has lots of torrent files on their database.

2. Kickasstorrents

Kickasstorrents is also one of the most popular and used torrent websites. I personally prefer Kat.pH (previous website URL) over other websites because it’s easy to navigate around, the files have been perfectly categorized and I always find the stuff that I am looking for on the website. So I do not have to look for it anywhere else.

Founded in 2008, its second most visited torrenting website right now.

3. is also a really useful website, I personally feel this like more sort of a torrent search engine. You can search using a keyword for the file that you are looking for and this presents a list of files related to that keyword.

Then you can select the file that closely matches your search and this will display you the list of other websites that have these torrent files on their server and also gives an insight on the current status of the torrent file. Like the date the file was added and the website name.

4. Yiffy Torrents

Most of the users that use torrent downloading is to download movies or applications. And if you are a movie freak, Yiffy is the right website for you. The website is updated with mostly all the latest movies and the best part is almost all the movies are in really high quality.

You can search the movie you are looking from the search bar, or navigate through the easy navigation options. You can also request a movie that you desperately want to watch. Isn’t that cool?

5. Isohunt

Isohunt is also among some of the really old torrenting websites. Isohunt provides a wide variety of file types to download. And by private file types I mean movies, applications, Games, music and a bunch of other stuffs.

On the Isohunt’s homepage you can see lots of blog posts that help you be in touch with all the latest happening in this industry.

Well there still are lots of other best torrenting sites that should be included in our best torrenting sites 2015 list, lets list them down quickly so that you can visit these websites as well and search for the content you are looking for.

So, these are some of the best torrenting websites of 2015 that you can download all the stuffs that you are looking for.

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