Best Free And Paid iPad Mini Apps [Regularly Updated]

iPad mini is small, compact, not that powerful but easy to carry around. To make the most out of your iPad mini, you should have best apps for iPad mini that are available in the apple’s app store.

This article is dedicated to all the iPad mini users looking for the best apps for iPad mini that they can download for free or might have to pay some money to get a copy for themselves.

All these apps have been listed according to my personal experience and might not prove as useful as it does to me.

Best Free apps for iPad mini

  1. Google chrome :- I am a windows user and am not really too fond of safari browser. But, I’ve found most of google-chrome-for-ipadthe iPad users love to use Google chrome over the default Safari browser on their iPad. It might be because the Google chrome app for iPad serves the same user interface, and provides premium web browsing experience.

   It can be downloaded from the app store for Free.

  1. Facebook:- Facebook is the largest social networking websites of our time. Though I prefer using facebook-for-ipadFacebook or the Facebook messenger to connect with my friends, via a computer or a mobile phone as I find it much easier and faster. You can download the Facebook app for free and connect with your friends.
  2. YouTube:- YouTube is another free app available for all the users across all the platforms and Iyoutube-logo-ipad am not a fan of the YouTube’s app for iPad and user other applications to consume YouTube content. You can easily get a copy of YouTube app from the app store.
  3. Twitter:- I use twitter as much as Facebook and most of the times use the official app instead of other third party apps.
  4. Google+:- Google + app for iPad is really good and actually I use it more often the Facebook on my iPad. You can access and use all the features that you can find when using it on a PC.
  5. Skype:- I personally use Skype as a Facetime alternative over other applications. Skypeskype-for-ipad provides the best service when it comes to video chatting and voice calling other people all over the world. And I also find myself using Skype a lot because most of the people on my contact list are mostly active on Skype rather than other services.
  6. CloudMagic:- Cloudmagic is the best email managing application that is available on android cloudmagic-for-ipadand iOS. I use cloudmagic on my Samsung Galaxy s5 and on my iPad mini as well and this provides the best user experience and provides all the best tools to manage my 5 email accounts from a single app. And the best part is that it is free.
  7. Spotify:- Some of us might argue that Spotify is not a premium, but you can download it for free spotify-for-ipadand also enjoy most of its services for free. The sole purpose behind this app is to provide free music and you get that on the free version too. The only difference between the free version and the paid version is that you may only skip the song 4 times and then you will lose the ability to change the song.
  8. Adobe Reader:- iPad’s slim and compact design makes it easier to carry around aadobe-reader-for-ipadnd with the Adobe reader installed on your device it is really easier to browse and read through your lecture notes, a book or anything that you want carry around in you iPad all the time and read in your leisure time.
  9. Microsoft Office Mobile:- Microsoft Office Mobile is the office package recently launched boffice-for-mobiley Microsoft for iOS users. With this app, now you can view, edit and modify your word documents, PowerPoint presentations or excel spreadsheets easily on the go. The best part is that it also supports charts, animations and graphs. You can download a copy from the app store for free.
  10. Netflix:- Watch your favorite TV shows, movies online with Netflix. You can download the app for netflix-for-ipadfree, but there are additional charges for use of some features within the application.
  11. Photoshop Express:- This is one of the best free apps for the photography lovers out there. Photoshop express is a image processing and editing tool that lives up up to most of your photo editing photosho-express-for-ipadexpectations. With lots of tools and features you do not have to fire up your PC for basic to moderate level of photo editing.

So, these are some of the free best apps for iPad mini. I will regularly update the list so I would recommend you to follow our blog to keep up with the updated list.

Now, lets look at some of the best paid apps for iPad mini.

  1. PhotoSync:- Photosync is a great app that allows you to seamlessly transfer photos and videos via WiFi to any sort of device that you want. All you need to do is open the photosync app and choose what you want to share and then choose the destination host, be it a mac or PC or another phone, it supports almost all the devices. Unfortunately if you do not have a currently accessible WiFi connection, the application can also use the peer-to-peer Bluetooth connection and share files to the end device. Isn’t that cool?
  2. 1Password:- Are you that kinda person who wants to try every social media websites. Or are the one who goes around the web looking for freebies and do not mind signing up for the products all of the internet. For the people like this, its really difficult to remember all the passwords that we use all over the internet and at times when we need them the most, we never tend to remember them. But with 1password manager, you will never forget or lose your login credentials. Though this app is a bit expensive I really hope this app is worth spending the money, reading all the reviews from all the people all over the world.
  3. Tweetbot For Twitter:- If you really are a twitter freak and do not mind to spend some $$ to take your twitter experience to a whole new level, Tweetbot is the right tool you should be using. Though most of us stick to the by default twitter app provided by twitter, for some of the users who want some extra features Tweetbot For Twitter’s iPad edition is the app you have been looking for. Tweetbot already generated a hype when it first hit the app store market, and with lots of functionality and the ability to mute someone, or hastagging a minimum amount of time, this app should impress your if you are a real twitter lover.

That’s all for now, we will regularly update the list with new apps or apps that we find interesting and all of you should try and install it on your iPad.

If you use other apps that deserve to be on our list of best apps for ipad mini, please donot forget to mention it in the comments below.

Hope This Helps!

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