Best Android Emulator For PC, Mac Download (Top 3)

When it comes to choosing a best Android emulator for PC, you might want to review a few of the available products and then settle for a paid or a free Emulator that works the best for you. With lots and lots of applications already available and many more products to come, we cannot settle for a subtle list of these Android emulators for PC. Still, we’ve tried to summarize some of these applications that have been leading the game.

For those with the least knowledge about emulators or specifically android emulator, here’s a little background.


What is an Android Emulator?

Emulator stands for a tool/applications that visualizes the Android platform on your windows PC. It is simply availing the Android platform on your PC that allows you to install android apps, games and overall use a complete android OS on your PC.

Following is a list of some of the best android emulator for PC we have right now.

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UPDATE : May 07, 2015 

A very good news to all the users who always wanted a easy, convenient and faster way to use android apps on PC. Now, its a lot easier and basically, is just installing the android app as you install it on your phone and use it on your PC/MAC.

Google recently announced an google chrome app that is promised to be really helpful for the app developers. The project is named ARC and with the use of this app, a developer can test his/her app straight on their PC and also see at all the logs that can help the developers to fix those issues and make the app much more use worthy and efficient.

So, how to use android apps on your PC without getting an Emulator, You can either go to official google’s webpage or follow my step by step guide to install App Runtime for Chrome and run android apps on PC/Mac using my tutorial guide.

5 Best Android Emulator For PC

  1. 1. Bluestacks:
    Well, no doubt Bluestacks is the best when it comes to running Android apps on PC. Bluestacks has already gone through thousands of downloads and still counting. Its compatibility with major OS like windows 7, 8 and even Mac OS makes it more preferable over other Emulators.

Bluestacks offers a normal and easy to use layout, with menus, proper categorization of Apps and hassle free way to install apps from either the app store or directly using a.APK installer file. The only area that this app might not be the emulator you’re looking for, is its layout/UI itself. For a user wanting for a stock android look and feel with the similar kind of home screen, menus and buttons as on the android OS, bluestacks does not offer that. Other than that, using android apps on PC, playing games and everything a normal user would want, Bluestacks fulfills it all.
To install it you need to download a thin installer which will further download the required installation files and completes the installation.
Download it from HERE.
Our Take:

  • Easy to download and install.
  • Clean and neat UI, My apps, menus etc.
  • Easy to install new apps via the app store or using an .apk file.
  • Might not run on a low end PC as its minimum requirements are a bit high.


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  1. Youwave
    On the contrary to what bluestacks has to offer, Youwave is a different player in the game. With the stock android feel, or the exact android UI Youwave also has a fine user base and popularity. For those looking for a regular android look and feel find youwave better than bluestacks.


First time users will have to struggle even to get into the app store, installing apps and games needs not to be mentioned. Unlike bluestacks, to install a app using .apk file, you’ll have to locate the file and move it into another directory and later on from youwave install it. Isn’t that irritating? If no, cool, but most of us might find it time consuming. Still, easy to install and provide great usability.
You can download Youwave with specific android version loaded with each installer. So, get to choose which android version do you want your emulator to run.
Our Take:

  • You’ll be able to use a trial version for 10 days.
  • Ability to choose specific android version to choose from.
  • Gives you pure android look and feel.
  • You might need some time to get familiar with the UI, like finding the app store, installing apps and all.
  • Easy to install.


3Jar Of Beans
Finally an application that supports, Jelly Bean apps, games. Most of us have been struggling to install our favorite games on Android emulator for PC because of the compatibility issues. But no more, with a jar of beans you can easily install Jelly Bean games and apps on your PC. This emulator best and added features over other emulators such as :



Download It From HERE:

  • Compatibility For Jelly Bean Apps, Games.
  • Gain root access.
  • Use FAT32 as an SD card.
  • 100 % free.
  • Customizable Screen resolutions.

Unlike other android SDK that provided similar facilities, Jar of Beans is easier to install and much easier to use.
Our Take:

  • A Must have android emulator for PC.
  • Provides new features over other emulators, compatibility with jelly bean makes it much irresistible 😉 .
  • Since it’s completely free you can always switch to other applications because our preferences change with time.

Android Emulator For MAC 

Some of the best available android emulator for MAC OS :

At A Glance,
These Android Emulator For PC And Mac OS are available to use for free (except: Youwave only avails 10 days of free trial).
What’s your take on these Applications? Which applications do you use to install and use android apps on PC?
Do share with us !


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  1. Bluestacks is no longer free. They are charging $2/month. I am looking for a good free emulator for my Windows 7 desktop with browser Mozilla Firefox. I want Whatapp & Jio Chat for my PC where I spend most of my time working from home.


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