How To Play YouTube in Background On Android/iOS


Watching your favorite video on YouTube, during your bed time is most of our habits. Do you listen/watch a lot of videos on YouTube? How about when you are on the go or have to multitask, but want to listen to that favorite video of yours. Sucks right? Because YouTube “be default” does not provide background playback. So how to play YouTube In Background on your android/iPhone device.

There are a bunch of different ways you can play YouTube in the background, I’ll try to cover all of the best ways in this article.

How to play YouTube in background on iOS / android devices

Note: All the tricks and procedure that I will be demonstrating in this article may or may not be against YouTube’s guidelines. So, please take this article as a reference and educative material.

In a nutshell, the mostly used trick/services to watch YouTube video in background are

  • YouTube Red
  • Google Chrome / Safari Trick for Android and iOS
  • Third party applications to play YouTube in background

Let’s get into detail and see how it’s really done.

  1. YouTube Red

Anyone who is a huge YouTube user should be acquainted with YouTube red by now. If not, we are here to help you out.

YouTube recently launched a new premium subscription service called “YouTube Red”. This is optional, so you can continue to use the free YouTube version unless you decide to opt in on the premium subscription service from YouTube.


But, I can watch whatever I want on YouTube so why would I need it?

Yes, you are right but there are perks of being a premium YouTube Red subscriber.

YouTube Red brings following features to its users:

  • YouTube Minimize: YouTube red’s biggest perk is the ability to minimize the official YouTube app and still being able to listen to the audio from the video that is playing in the application.
  • Ad Free Videos: Yes, you will not have to see a single ad when you opt-in on this service.
  • Offline Playback: Haven’t all of us wanted to download our favorite video to watch it later when we do not have any internet connection? YouTube red brings offline playback to its users. You can download the video and watch it later regardless of your internet connection status
  • Premium Content: Most famous YouTubers are going to create exclusive content for the YouTube red subscribers. Yes, content that can only be watched if you are paying for YouTube’s Red service.
  • YouTube Music: YouTube music is a brand-new application from google. When you search for a song on YouTube music, the algorithm filters out all the non-musical results and only provides you with the official tracks related to your search term. You can use this service even though you have not get a premium YouTube red subscription service. The limitations of using the free version of YouTube music is same as compared to free YouTube.

So, how much does it cost to get a YouTube Red subscription?

YouTube Red Costs $10 per month and its only available for users in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Mexico and South Korea now.

Are you from other part of the world? Sorry, bad luck!! 😀


If YouTube red’s $10 price tag is not the solution that you were looking for, we have other tricks up our sleeve. How to play YouTube in background on phones without paying/installing anything.

First let’s see how you can watch YouTube videos in background on android phones.

  1. Watching YouTube In Background on android phones.

This is the classic trick to play YouTube in background. I am assuming since you are reading this tutorial, you have no clue that this stupid trick works.

  1. First step is to make sure you have Mozilla Firefox browser installed on your phone. If not, go to play store on your phone and download Mozilla Firefox for free from there.
  2. Open Mozilla Firefox and open YouTube’s website. “”.
  3. If it prompts you to open YouTube from the official app that you might have on your phone, ignore that and open it from the Firefox itself.
  4. Search and open the video that you want to listen to in background.
  5. After the video starts playing, just press the home button.
  6. You should be able to listen to the audio from the video

Viola!! You can now play YouTube video in background on your android phone.

  1. Play YouTube Video in Background on iOS devices

Has playing YouTube video in background on your iPhone/iPad/iOS device being your dream? Well, we are at your service.

  1. Open safari and go to
  2. Ignore any prompts to load the video or the website from the official YouTube application installed on your phone.
  3. Search and open the video that you would like to listen.
  4. Let the video play for few seconds and then press the home button.
  5. The video will not stop playing. Regardless of where you are on the screen, swipe up to bring up the control center.
  6. Find the audio control and press the play button and you should now listen the audio from the video playing inside safari.
    NOTE: If you cannot find the audio controls, you might be using a much later version of iOS. So, to get to the audio control you must swipe either left or right.

Viola!! You can now play YouTube videos in background on your iPhone/iPad/iOS devices.

  1. Third Party applications to play YouTube videos in background

There are lots of third party applications that let you listen to YouTube videos offline. I personally do not like these apps, I rather use Spotify or the browser trick. But if you want more features and do not mind the annoying ads, try the following applications for android.

  1. Popup Video



This is how to play YouTube in background on android/iPhone/iPad/iOS devices with or without installing any third-party applications.

Did we miss out any tricks that might be useful?

Let us know in the comments below and we will update the article accordingly.

Thank you for being here, Appreciate It!!


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