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Psiphon VPN is a tool that combines a secure combination of VPN, SSH and HTTP proxies to provide its users completely anonymity while browsing the internet. On top of providing anonymity, it also leaps over any restriction the ISP or the government might have imposed on its users. Psiphon 3 for PC and Psiphon Pro for android phones are available for free to use.

Psiphon VPN is designed by Psiphon, Inc an it operates systems and smart technologies that bypass the content filtering systems imposed by the government for censorship on the internet. By no means we are evoking the illelgal use of the internet or going against any government rules.

We respect the government imposed censorship on certain content as much as the right of a user to access the internet without any filters and restrictions. Internet was, is and should be free for everyone and so is the content on the internet. That is the sole meaning of the internet, so any kinds of censorship on the internet would be against our rights.

Psiphon 3 , Psiphon VPN and Psiphon for android help all its users achieve that.

Lets see how to setup Psiphon For PC and Psiphon VPN for your android devices.

Download Psiphon 3 For Windows PC(10,7,8,XP)

Psiphon 3 can be freely downloaded from their official website and used for free.

Psiphon 3 is a directly executable file so there is no need to install the application. You can just download and run the software on the go.

  1. Download psiphon 3 from the Psiphon’s website.
  2. Run the application and you will be taken to its dashboard.
  3. The application will automatically connect to the server and will take you to its welcome page.
  4. From this point, all your connection will be tunneled through psiphon’s secure connection server and your browsing activity will be anonymous.
  5. To stop the VPN service, all you need to do is close the application and it will be automatically disconnected.
Psiphon 3 Dashboard

What about other applications?

Yes, all the applications will respect Psiphon’s tunnel connection. If your connection breaks, try playing around with the settings. We highly donot recommend you to do so, unless you are an expert user.

But, if you end up screwing up the settings, just close the application and psiphon VPN will be closed and you will be back on your normal internet connection.

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Psiphon VPN For Android Phone

Psiphon is available completely free for computer users but for android phone users there are some restrictions and other benefits.

What are the restrictions?

On android phones there are different sorts of subscription packages that you can purchase according to your own needs. There is a free version too but the maximum bandwidth allowed is 2 Mbps and that includes annoying pop up ads.

If you are willing to buy a Psiphon’s subscription there are range of options available

psiphon subscriptions
Psiphon 3 Subscriptions
  • Maximum Speed – $9.99 / Month
  • High Speed – $4.99 / Month
  • 7/30/365 Day Passes ($4.99/$9.99/$119.99) Respectively

What are the benefits?

The biggest benefit with Psiphon’s android application is that you are able to choose between tunneling the whole device i.e. all the connection between your phone and the internet will be tunneled. Or you can use Psi’s own browser and only the browser’s connection will go through Psiphon VPN.

Installing Psiphon on Android phone

You can download the application from the app store. Here is the link.

If for some reason you do not have access to the app store, you can scan the bar code below and install the application.

Barcode To Install Psiphon
Barcode To Install   Psiphon

You can also download psiphon.apk from a third party provider and install it.

You might have to enable side loading if you wish to install the app using the apk file. To do this,

  • Go to your device’s settings > security
  • Enable installation from “Unknown Resources “

Using The application

Starting the tunnel
  • Open the application from your apps list.
  • On the dashboard, left bottom corner you will see a start button.
  • Tap on start and if your device supports full device tunneling, you will be asked to choose either full device tunneling or to just use the browser.
  • After you select what kind of tunneling you would like to use, let it connect.
  • After the connection is successful, you see a message psiphon VPN is connected.

More detailed information on Psiphon’s website here.


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