Optimize Mac OS X On Virtual Machine For Performance


After installing Mac OS X on a virtual machine, straight away you will notice that you are not able to get full resolution for Mac OS inside the virtual machine. Even though you toggle the VM to full screen.

One will also notice a drastic lag in the performance of the overall Mac OS inside the virtual machine.

Though the reasons for this lag, and a bit slower system can be a low configuration system on itself. But despite having an high end configuration, if you are facing these kinds of issues you can look into below mentioned measures to actually solve them.

Some of the issues solved by this fix:

  • You can use MAC OS X in full resolution in vmware/ virtual machine.
  • Display lags is fixed.
  • Overall faster performing system

How To Speed Up Mac OS X In Vmware/Virtualbox

First : Beamoff

Beamoff is a free script developed by hackintosh community and experts that fixes internal issues with the system. This eventually results in a much smoother performing system and application on MAC OS.

  1. Download Beamoff.
  2. Extract it to the Mac OS’s homescreen.
  3. Go to system preferences > Security & Privacy > Allow apps downloaded from :
  4. You should not be able to alter the selections yet.
  5. Click on the yellow lock on bottom left of the screen, and then enter your password.
  6. Alter the settings to “Anywhere”.
  7. Click on the lock again to lock it.
  8. You should see much improved performance of the system.

Second : Vmware Tools

Remember the unlocker we used while installing Mac OS X on our virtual machine, we will need that unlocker again.


  1. Shutdown your virtual machine.
  2. Edit virtual machine settings and open up CD/DVD(SATA).
  3. Under “Connection” select “Use ISO image file.
  4. Click on “Browse” and navigate to the “UNLOCKER FOLDER/tools/ Darwin.iso
  5. Select the Darwin.iso file.
  6. Now power on the virtual machine.
  7. You should straight away see the installation screen for vmware tools.

install-vmware-toolsIts plain and simple to get the tools installed. After you’ve installed the tools, just make sure you restart your system.

Noticed any differences with your system yet?? Let us know!!!